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Do YOU care, pick it up

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Trash Pick’r

Everybody can help. Become a Trash Pick’r at the nearest location or just pick trash in your neighborhood.

Trash Picker location

Become a Trash Pick’r location. Provide people with the right tools to pick up the trash in your environment.







What is Trash Pick’r

Trash Pick’r is an initiative to create movement and awareness. To activate people – mentally and physically – to pick up trash. 

Why Trash Pick’r

Trash Pick’r provides tools to clean at as many relevant locations as possible and make trash picking possible every moment of the day.

How You Can Help

Become a Trash Pick’r

Buy the trash tools and start picking trash or go to the Trash Pick’r locations and borrow the tools.

You can make a donation to provide as many people and organizations with the right trash tools.

Our Volunteers

Nick Paterson

Support Staff

Alicia Anderson

Support Staff

Michael Clark

Support Staff

Stacy Henderson

Support Staff